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Our Goal is to fill 1500 Bags - We need $35,000

Notre Objectif est de remplir 1500 sac à dos - Nous avons besoin 35,000$

To Fill Backpacks:

Backpacks can be filled by individuals, families, company office groups, churches, or schools. We provide the backpack(s).


Pour Remplir Des Sacs A Dos:

Les sacs à dos peuvent être remplis par des individuals, des familees, des groupes de bureau, les églises ou les écoules. Nous fournissons les sacs à dos.


How do I fill a backpack you ask?

Well, that’s easy.

1) Print out or save the list above

2) Visit one of our pick-ups/drop-off locations for a backpack.

3) Don’t forget your shopping list, now it’s time to go shopping  

4) Fill the backpack with the items from the list.

5) Drop off your filled backpack at one of our drop-off locations listed here.

6) If you have any questions please drop us a line on Facebook or an email through our contact page.

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We need $35,000 / Nous avons besoin de 35,000$

By Cheque

Send and address your cheque to:

St. Faustina Parish

2571 Ottawa Regional Rd 174,

Cumberland, ON K4C 1C6


Use this secure link below to give a one-time donation.