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Thank you Backpack nation for your generous donations and hard work

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

Our best campaign yet and it all happened during a once in a hundred year pandemic!

We could not have done this had it not been for our dedicated team of volunteers, they are:

Steven Taylor, Julie Cleary, Rick MacDonald, and our good friend Sarma Clarence Creak.

A pandemic campaign

"I was sure it was going to be impossible during this pandemic but then my volunteers, the community started to reach out to me. After that, there was simply no turning back, everyone was determined" says founder Ron Pitre

We had a late start, no money in the bank and a whole lot of backpacks in a warehouse that we hadn't paid for yet. We started getting the word out then it was a chain reaction, it was non stop until; d-day (delivery day). Thanks to each and everyone of you for making it possible.

(Jan. 2020)

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